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  Liv.52 Tablets
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The original Liv.52 tablets.

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(Double Strength)

As the original Liv.52 tablets, but double strength.

  Liv.52 Syrup
Easy to take Liv.52 syrup, popular with the elderly.

  Liv.52 HB
For the treatment of Hepatitis B.

  Liv.52 Vet
Liv.52 Drops and syrup for Cats, Dogs, Kittens and Puppies.

Specially formulated for alcoholic liver diseases.

The only hepatoprotector with the L factor.

  Party Smart
Prevent hangovers, protect the liver whist drinking alcohol.

Liver, Kidney and Blood detox.

PURE HERB - Cleansing of Organs, Colon, Digestion, Blood Purifier and Rejuvenates.

  Home Liver Test Kit
Test your liver condition in the privacy of your own home.

  Home Family Health Screening Test Kit
Test your Liver, Kidney, Heart and Urinary Tract condition in the privacy of your own home.

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We at dont just make statements, We show you the scientific research behind the statements!

Liv-52 by Himalaya is one of the most researched herbal products one can find. More than 300 clinical studies, many double-blind, placebo-controlled, have been performed on Liv-52 (LiverCare) since its introduction more than 47 years ago, assessing Liv 52's safety and efficiency, which makes Liv 52 one of the most studied and tested herbal products in the world. Liv 52 Himalaya has become one of the most widely sold medications in the world with more than two billion tablets produced annually.

Liv 52 restores the functional efficiency of the liver by protecting the hepatic parenchyma and promoting hepatocellular regeneration. The antiperoxidative activity of Liv 52 prevents the loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane, maintains cytochrome P-450, hastens the recovery period, and ensures early restoration of hepatic functions in infective hepatitis. Liv 52 also diminishes the lipotropic activity in chronic alcoholism, and prevents fatty infiltration of the liver.

Liver enzymes are the most common parameter for the evaluating the livers effectiveness in completing its many functions. Liv 52 has been shown consistently to help maintain normal enzyme levels across various liver function tests. This result is associated with the normalised liver histology and stimulation of the natural hepatic cell repair process.

Liv 52 has also been studied in relation to the mechanism of protection against certain specific hepatotoxic substances. In the case of alcohol, the protection mechanism centres on rapid elimination of acetaldehyde, a metabolite of alcohol. Liv 52 facilitates rapid elimination of acetaldehyde, the toxic intermediate metabolite of alcohol metabolism, and ensures protection from alcohol - induced hepatic damage.

Finally, in a comparative study of their effectiveness in maintaining healthy liver enzyme levels, Liv 52 was found superior to Milk Thistle, a commonly used aid for optimal hepatic functions.

Please select a Research section below to access scientific research papers which show that Himalay's Liv.52 really works:

Cirrhosis is a damaging condition in which the liver becomes scarred and fibrous, reducing its ability to function properly. It occurs as a result of excessive alcohol ingestion, some forms of hepatitis, or toxicity caused by exposure to certain environmental chemicals.

Thirty-six people with liver cirrhosis were enrolled in the double-blind study and randomly assigned to receive either three Liv-52 tablets or three matching placebo tablets three times a day for six months. The people were regularly examined for abnormal fluid collection in the abdomen (ascites), serious brain abnormalities caused by advanced liver disease (encephalopathy), and other signs of liver cirrhosis.

Every person completed the study and no adverse effects were reported. Compared with the placebo group, the Liv-52 group had significant reductions in ascites, in the overall severity of cirrhosis, and in the liver enzymes ALT and AST (which become elevated when the liver is damaged) at the end of six months. In contrast, changes in the placebo group were not significant from the beginning to the end of the study.

How exactly Liv-52 protects and restores the liver is not known, but many compelling clues can be found in previous studies. An overall protective effect of Liv-52 has been observed in earlier research studies, as well as an ability of the compound to restore the normal flow of nutrients and other substances through liver cell membranes. The individual herbs in Liv-52, either alone or in combination, likely exerted other influences as well, including: diuretic (which could help reduce ascites), anti-inflammatory, anti-immunotoxic (protecting the immune system from toxicity), antioxidant, and antihepatotoxic (protecting the liver from toxicity). Some herbs in the formula may increase cellular levels of the protective antioxidant glutathione.

Liv-52 was found to be effective and well-tolerated for individuals with chronic liver cirrhosis, warrenting further studies of this promising treatment.

- Jeremy Appleton, ND, CNS